Locafama founder, Larry Tang talks to Hong Kong Dining

The philosophy behind Locofama

We’re on a mission to nurture our community to a healthier and happier place by sharing our knowledge and making organic and locally grown products accessible, affordable, and convenient. More and more people are becoming aware of where their food source is coming from, how it’s made, and the non-sustainable implications it has on our environment.

The Locofama experience

We’ve got a relaxed and laid back outdoor vibe happening here in Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun. Having our restaurant and retail space in the same street creates a great sense of community and allows us to offer a lot to our neighbourhood.

Right now, Locofama is collaborating with Bamboo Scenes to feature affordable art pieces by local photographers. We recently relaunched our SLOW (Sustainable Lifestyle of Organic & Wellness) lifestyle store right next to our restaurant. Our liquor section carries limited edition natural, organic & biodynamic wines from all over the world. Soon, we’ll be adding a zero waste section for cooking ingredients.

At our pop up shop across the street, we’ve partnered up with a Naturopathy doctor to offer health tests, nutrition planning and wellness coaching, as well as bioresonance therapy for human and pets. A lot of neighbours also bring their dogs here to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere of Fuk Sau Lane.

On the menu

In order to promote long-term sustainable diet change, we believe healthy food must be delicious, affordable and convenient. Our menu features mainly organic or local ingredients. It includes not only vegetarian dishes, but also seafood and meat. We’ve created many healthier versions of Asian classic dishes, and absolutely no MSG or chicken powder.

Community initiatives in January

We are launching a co-buy service to group buy selected weekly grocery needs. The aim is to help our neighbours source premium products at wholesale prices. Those who are interested will be able to self pickup or we will delivery to their buildings with a small delivery fee. Come on down and talk to us about it.

The grand plan for the future

We have a vision of how our food ecosystem should transform and we are discussing with various partners on how to turn our dream into reality by 2030.

2018 is full of exciting projects: We have an exclusive partnership with a clinic to develop menus for chronic disease patients. We are working with various gyms and personal trainers for fitness menus. We are also working with Urban Grow for hydroponics farming. Our group is one of the key partners for Deliveroo Editions, which is delivering our food to new areas around hong kong.

Also, we’re in the process of converting our kitchen on Bonham Rd into a retail space that offers organic eggs and other premium cooking ingredients we use at our restaurants. This type of quality produce isn’t available in chain supermarkets.

When you’re not at Locofama or Sohofama, where’s your favourite place to hang in the Mid-Levels?

I eat 70% of my meals at either Locofama or Sohofama. Occasionally I have dinner at Blacksalt, Potato Head and Fish School. Ping Pong is also just down the road from Fuk Sau Lane so I go there for their gin cocktails. Little Bao on Staunton street is also one of my favourites.

We’ve recently partnered up with Soho Fitness on Wa In Fong, just a few steps up from Sohofama. They offer a lot of fun MMA and circuit training classes, so I will be hanging out there a lot.


Join Sunday’s Community Vibe

Locofama host a mini farmers market with a block party vibe every Sunday from 12-6PM at Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun. Their animal rescue partners such as Lap & Animal Friends bring puppies and kittens between 2-5PM. Volunteers also help raise funds by selling dog care products and BBQ food.

The team at Locofama have helped home over 100 dogs in the past couple of years. There is never a shortage of puppies looking for foster care or permanent homes. So, even if you’re not looking to bring a pet home, just heading down and giving these animals some TLC helps create an environment where these dogs can show their true personalities to potential adoption families.

If you’re new to owning a dog, this is a great afternoon to join. The team also offer advice and can demonstrate techniques that teach how people can walk with their dogs peacefully and calmly.

Locofama, 9-13 Fuk Sau Ln, Sai Wan